"Connecting Your Passion with Your Purpose"

Cliff Montgomery
Executive &
Career Coach



"I have no doubt that Cliff's coaching allowed me to make changes in my life and career that I never thought possible."  DM



"Don't involve yourself with him unless you're ready for something to change in your life and career..."  DF



"His support made a major difference in my career and life and allowed me to steer in a new directions I'd only dreamt about." ML



"Cliff broadened my horizons and helped me to find the confidence that I could accomplish anything." DK


"Cliff helped me to begin my life's journey.  He helped me find my wings." SB



"His passion and enthusiasm are infectious... Nothing seems impossible.  Quite simply, he changed my life."  KM


"One of Cliff's key characteristics is his honesty.  I loved working with him because he always gave me an honest answer and opinion."  NR

"Cliff could communicate well with individuals at all levels of the organization."  CA
"Kick in the butt, I wish I'd have found him a year ago!" CW
"During his time at Teva, he built our Human Resource Team and function into one of the best in the industry." DB
"Cliff guided me through the job search process, assisted with navigating a successful assimilation plan, and is empowering me to develop a strategy for attaining my potential, as well as career satisfaction."  MH