"Connecting Your Passion with Your Purpose"

Cliff Montgomery
Executive &
Career Coach

Corporate Coaching- Executive Coaching, New Leader Assimilation, Career Guidance


Executive Coaching


Executive Coaches guide their clients through the process of identifying and achieving specific professional goals.  Using such techniques as 360 degree feedback; confidential employee surveys; individual staff interviews; creation of a customized, individual "User's Guide;" and confidential, discreet counsel and advice, Cliff can help current and future managers and executives become better leaders through executive coaching.


New Leader Assimilation


Leader Assimilation provides efficient and effective processes to achieve results quickly. Through a process of systematically and confidentially gathering data which will provide them detailed feedback from their staff, this process can help a new leader get off to a fast start in his or her first 90 days, allowing them to identify issues and make early course corrections in their leadership style and approach.


Behavioral Style


Do you really know yourself?  Most people don't, and this is critical if you're going to create your own career plan.


Do you know what your optimal work environment is?


Do you know what kind of manager/leader is best for you?


Do you know your "Strengths Overused" (also known as weaknesses), so you can address them or at least steer clear of them?


Cliff uses specific, quick and easy technologies to help you learn the answer to these questions and many more as a starting place to all coaching engagements.


Managing Cultural Differences

Does your business often take you overseas?  Learn about cultural differences and how to fit into and be successful in any country or culture.  Unfortunately, "The Golden Rule" of treating others as you'd like to be treated doesn't apply globally.  You can be prepared to know how your international business associates "want to be treated," with specific advice on such concepts as "Power/Distance"; "Uncertainty Avoidance"; "Individualism/Collectivism" and "Masculinity/Femininity" concepts.

Succession Planning Process

Using processes historically designed by GE, Cliff can help you to design and implement simple, non-bureaucratic programs to identify and develop high-potential employees destined for leadership positions.  Who... how... and when?

Career Guidance

Montgomery Career Coaching offers the career guidance needed to succeed in today's job market. Whether or not you are currently employed, here's an opportunity to confidentially investigate other alternatives or ideas to assure the career you're planning for the rest of your life is the right one for you or, more importantly, in line with your purpose and passion. 


Human Resource Information Systems

Cliff has managed several HRIS teams to create specific, actionable processes to allow all of your current HR processes to be completed interactively, on line.  No more paper!


Reward and Remuneration Programs

Cliff has worked with reward and remunerations programs in both the U.S. and internationally.  He has been successful in creating ideas and programs such as "Dual Career Ladders" targeted at competitively rewarding key talent both financially and intrinsically, reducing turnover, while simultaneously generating shareholder value through equity-based reward programs.

Health and Wellness

There is one key ingredient to success in today's frantic business environment:  STAMINA!  Are you practicing the healthy behaviors necessary to compete and win?