"Connecting Your Passion with Your Purpose"

Cliff Montgomery
Executive &
Career Coach

Individual Coaching


Job Search Support


Searching for a job can be a frustrating experience, but having years of reading resumes, Cliff knows what attracts a recruiter or potential employer to fully read a resume or simply place it in an unread pile.  He will work with you to help you feel more in control and confident in your future by providing you specific techniques and templates for such critical job search functions as cover letters, resumes, interviewing, thank you notes and targeted follow up techniques.


Interviewing Skills


In addition to numerous interview tips, including development of your "90-second capsule" response to the commonly-asked first interview question of:  "So, tell me about yourself;" 60 commonly-asked questions are all provided, along with coaching on how to answer some of the most difficult, such as the Big Three:


"Can you do the job?"


"Will you love the job?" and most importantly,
"Will you fit into our culture?"
And with the confidence you'll develop, you'll be able to answer these questions with a smile on your face.


Behavioral Style

  • Do you really know yourself?  Most people don't, and this is critical if you're going to create your own career plan.


  • Do you know what your optimal work environment is?


  • Do you know what kind of manager is best for you?


  • Do you know your "Strengths Overused" (also known as weaknesses) so you can address them or steer clear of them in a new work environment?


Cliff uses specific, quick and easy technologies to help you learn the answer to these questions and many more as a starting place to all coaching engagements.


Health and Wellness


There is one key ingredient to success in today's frantic business environment:  STAMINA!  Are you practicing the healthy behaviors necessary to compete and win?


Career Planning

Whether or not you are currently employed, here's an opportunity to confidentially investigate other alternatives or ideas to assure the career you're planning for the rest of your life is the right one for you or, more importantly, in line with your purpose and passion.